Formed in May of 2016, the Inclusion and Diversity Council was created to serve as the primary organizingbody for long-termdiversity and inclusionefforts at Ƶ. The group has beencharged withrenewing Ƶ'sdiversity strategic plan and leading the university in anew direction as we seekto serve an incredibly diverse and ever-changing population of students, faculty, and staff. In addition to its work on the diversity strategic plan, the council will also serve as an advisory board throughout the year. The group will workto address concerns and provide solutions to campus-wide issuesas they relate to diversity and inclusion.

This group of IDC members consists of a wonderful mix of both long-time and new Ƶ faculty and staff, as well as student leaders. The group is co-chaired by one faculty member and one staff member. This helps us to ensure that we are providing a voice andmeeting the needs ofour entire community. IDCmembers are appointed for a two-year term andinvited by the Chief Diversity Officer, Tiffany Hamilton, to serve in thisimportant role.The IDC members for 2022-2024are:

Member name Position/Title
Malik Albert Assistant Director of Arthur O. Eve HEOP
Erin Carman Associate Professor of Social Work
Debbie Dimitrovski Director of Accessibility Services
Jeremy Hall Assistant Professor of Mathematics
Irene Holohan-Moyer, Ph.D. AVP for Institutional Effectiveness & Systems Integration
Margaret Mazzone Clinical Assistant Professor of Physical Therapy
Helen McCabe. Ph.D. Associate Professor of Education
Kat Miller-Procknal Assistant Professor of Social Work
Vanessa Patrone Assistant Professor of Applied Behavior Analysis
Melissa Peterson Director of the RIC & Library Services
Ann Robinson Executive Director of Global Program
Dan Shanahan Assistant Professor/Program Director for Entrepreneurship
Ex-Officio Members
Jordan Printup Assistant Director of the Center for Diversity and Inclusion
Laura Azzarella AVP for Employee Engagement
Mark Martinez Director of Veteran Services

We welcome your ideas, thoughts, and concerns. Our goal is to make Ƶ a warm, welcoming, andinclusive place for every member of our community.