Welcome toƵUniversity! We hope this site can serve not only as a clearinghouse of Orientation information, but also as a way for us to interact with you and keep you informed as our exciting program gets closer. On this website you can register for summer orientation, meet the student orientation leaders, and e-mail us directly.

ƵUniversity offers Orientation programs for first year students, transfers, and families. The goal of orientation is to develop and coordinate programs that promote academic success, promote personal and social development, and to provide students and families with information about services, support systems and issues facing college students.

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2024 Spring New Student Orientation & Course Registration

January 11
Contact your Admissions Counselor for details atadmissions@daemen.edu or 716-839-8225.
Spring Semester Classes Begin January 22

Academic Kick Off (Virtual)

  • Schedules 101
  • Academic Department Meetings for First-Year Students
July 22or 30
July 24 or August 13
International Student Orientation Please email Global Programs for details.

New Students & Families Wildcat Welcome & Orientation Day:

August 30
(click on the links for details)

August 31-September 1
Fall Semester Classes Begin September 3

Mission and & Goals of Orientation

The purpose of the Summer Orientation Programs is to provide new students and their families with an all-inclusive introduction to Ƶthat will ease their transition into the academic and social community of the institution. Furthermore, it is the goal of our Orientation Programs to provide students and their families with greater access to the services, information, and assistance needed to best prepare them for their progression into the University.

In essence, the mission of a new student orientation is to:

  1. Assist new students (and their respective families) in their successful transition to Ƶ.
  2. Expose new students to the broad educational opportunities at Ƶ, including both academic and co-curricular experiences.
  3. Contribute and aid in the appropriate retention of students at Ƶ.
  4. Promote a heightened awareness and respect for campus diversity and increase the sense of community.
  5. Provide information and opportunities for self-assessment and future development.

Orientation provides a simple yet thorough introduction to those basic transition needs which all students face. The programs affords new students with information and access to services that address these transitional needs. As an intensive beginning to their university career, orientation addresses and responds to the following immediate needs and concerns of first-year students and their families:

  1. Environmental Adjustment:
    Where does one live, sleep, eat, study, negotiate the campus and its resources, feel safe and secure, etc?
  2. Personal and Social Adjustment:
    How does one make friends, network with other students and campus personnel, and become a part of the university community?
  3. Academic Adjustment:
    What classes will one take? Where does one study? What does one need to do to be a successful student? Where does one go for academic assistance, and how does one access these services?
  4. Cultural Adjustment:Ƶ? How does one develop and grow in this new environment? What are the campus expectations and values that one is expected to respect and maintain?