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It’s almost here! The life-changing, business propelling workshop, networking event or meetup you've been waiting for. Check out our Event Calendar below to see what's up next.

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Coaching & Workshops

Are you ready for the best business of your life? No matter where you’re starting out today, we have the perfect training to bring you to your goal. We take a customized approach to each individual’s training to ensure you progress your acumen quickly, sustainably, and powerfully. With partnerships with organizations like Atlanta REIA, Think Realty, FortuneBuilders & Masters of REI, there'll never be a shortage of opportunities for you to gain hands-on experience in your real estate specialty and network with like-minded individuals with a gamut of experience. 

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1-on-1 Coaching

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This individualized training strengthens and connects the disjointed pieces of your business. You’ll improve strategy while developing a business objective that builds upon your existing foundation. Whether you need Amy's touch for the initial 6 months or years, she'll be sure to scorch your stress. 

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Level Up Mastermind Events


Every meeting is a new topic & perspective in real estate investment. Refine your knowledge & approach through the advisement of experienced investment professionals. The open atmosphere makes networking not even feel like work. No investment experience required!

Coaching Session


Need help tackling a piece of the puzzle? Say hello to the counsel that's tailored to you and on-demand. Amy can help you pick apart your roadblock on every level. Together you'll devise a course of action to elevate your business to the next level. Leave these 45-minute sessions with a plan in hand. 

Networking Events

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Ready to expand your reach? People buy from people, so come meet them! Refresh your network with these catered socials. Regardless of what phase of business endeavors you're currently pursuing, mixing & mingling has never been so fun.

Industry Workshops

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Refine your technological skills, strengthen your branding tactics, and learn from experts in your field about landmines to avoid. From marketing workshops to trade secrets, these industry training sessions are essential to cover all of your business bases.

Community Forums

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Every day is a new dance routine and music style to get funky with: hip hop, salsa, samba, pop, oldies, and more. Dance helps strengthen, lengthen, and sculpt your body in a fun way that doesn’t even feel like a workout. No dance experience required!

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